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Got a germ of an idea and not sure how to move forward with it? Have a story that you've revised so many times you can't see it anymore? Are you done with a manuscript and looking for honest, rigorous feedback? I love working with writers at any stage of their projects, whether it's a rough idea for a novel that needs coaxing into form, a complete draft that needs a read, or a manuscript that has been over-workshopped and needs fresh eyes. My experience is primarily in fiction, though I am happy to review memoir projects as well.

"Becky is one of the most intelligent and inspirational instructors we've ever had at Grub Street. She's that rare teacher who's as adept at helping writers conquer the emotional and psychological pitfalls of the writer's life as she is teaching craft and giving honest feedback. She has a whole posse of devotees, too: students who have taken her classes time and time again, following her from beginner's classes to more advanced classes in short fiction and the novel. She embodies everything Grub Street stands for -- high artistic standards, intellectual rigor, honesty, inspiration, and kindness, not to mention a wonderful sense of humor. We love her."

- Chip Cheek, Head Instructor (2008-2015), GrubStreet



As the founding editor of The Review Review I have a ton of insight into the world of literary magazines - how to publish in them, how to submit to them, how to locate the journals that are best for your style of writing, your interests and your experience.

I am happy to work with individual writers and also to visit or Skype into your classroom. I have spoken about the submitting process and the culture of literary magazines in MFA programs, undergrad classrooms, conferences and classrooms around the country. 

"Becky's visit to our MFA program at CalArts was an excellent opportunity for us to gain insight into the world of lit mags! As writers, it's so hard to know where to even start looking for places to submit to—the sheer number of possible outlets can be overwhelming. Becky Tuch is an expert when it comes to knowing what lit mags look for in submissions, and how writers should go about seeking out this information. She's given us valuable tips on what it takes to find the perfect home for our work!"               

- Katie Browne, Editor of ICEVIEW Magazine


Are you having trouble finding the time for your creative pursuits? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to fit writing into the daily blizzard? Or is time not the issue at all--maybe you have the time, but just can't seem to get started on the work. As an experienced teacher and writing coach (as well as a mom with never enough time to write), I can assure you that you are not alone in the struggle. As a writing coach, I will work with you to set up realistic goals and deadlines, offer writing prompts and inspiring reading materials, and help you develop a practical and exciting literary regimen.

"My dream of writing a novel has become a reality thanks to Becky. She is truly inspirational in her approach to teaching the craft of novel writing.  Becky's expertise guides you through both the psychological and technical process of writing a novel. Because of Becky's encouragement of writing every day, I have a nearly completed rough draft."

- Judy Goldman, student at GrubStreet


Are you applying for a grant, fellowship, residency or MFA program? You will no doubt need a stellar package that differentiates you and your creative vision among the many applicants. As someone who has applied for numerous fellowships, and received awards from  The MacDowell Colony, The Somerville Arts Council and elsewhere, I am happy to read application portfolios and provide feedback.

"I’ve known Becky Tuch for 8 years—as a colleague in a writing group, sharing leadership in Beyond The Margins, a multi-writer blog, and working together at Grub Street Writers. She has an ability to tease out the best and worst of one’s form and function. Her sharp critique and observation lasers in on determining whether the execution of one’s story is true to the intent.  She possesses the combination of professionalism and caring needed when helping writers sharpen their work for publication."

- Randy Susan Meyers, bestselling author of The Murderer’s Daughters and The Widow of Wall Street

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